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Little Miss Perky Goth

Lash's Journal

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Like brother and sister
A human monster. That's what they used to call Lash in her Black Hole. Born in a time of change, and caught in two great wars, she changed sides in the middle of the second along with her higher-ranked Commanding Officer Hawke and reluctantly joined with Orange Star to save her own hide. In the end, Hawke sacrificed himself, and Lash found herself alone, under the care of Orange Star.

Or so she thought. The following year included reprogramming by Hachi and Nell, being somewhat pardon for her past crimes by the Orange Star goverment, and then released under close watch to Smash Academy where she could truly learn to be human and not just a war-crazed Commanding Officer. Too bad Hawke ended up not being dead. Too bad for a lot of things, actually.

But here, she discovered many new things, and the old constantly clashes with the new. What side will she end up picking? Only time will tell.


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The big three
book reading
Apart from Livejournal, these are the big three LJ-like sites that are used by RPers. I've listed their ups and downs (If you have more to add, feel free to inform me about them). IJ and Scribbld are both made using the old Livejournal Code, while Dreamwidth was modified and branched up so much it became a completely unique off-shot from the source code, while remaining open source.

1) Dreamwidth
Basic account:
* 15 icons
* Most of LJ's current options and layouts, completely revamped
* List of differences from the LJ source code listed here. There are some completely new ones too.
* 25 character usernames
* CSS / Richtext / Expand menus
* You can import your LJs, Communities should be allowed to upload next week (paid accounts only for now capped at around 100,000) due to the large importing queue.
* Username.dreamwidth.com
* Active creators and mods, excellent response times if you ask a question.
* No ads due to their running policy.
* Currently running a promotion where you do not need invite codes (should still be good for now).

* Price: 35$ Per year (6 Months 17.50$ 6$ 2 months, 3$ Per Month)
* 100 Icons
* Price: 50$ Per year (6 Months 25$)
* 250 Icons
* No paypal option
* Talk of more icon options for paid users later (This is just in discussion, and not final)

2) Insanejournal
Basic account:
* 100 icons
* No CSS layouts (Paid only)
* Can have subscriptions
* Mail notifs
* username.insanejournal.com
* Rich text option!
* No Expand option
* The mods have fast replies when a question is asked.
* No individual thread tracking option. It is the entire post only (paid or not)
* 1000 max friends (Not a problem with community games)
* They've been running for 10 years so no sign of them suddenly dropping off either (granted this is the internet who knows what might happen)
* Insanejournal has the whole 'making fun of insane people' motif going against it that some people might not appreciate (This, of course, depends on each person. There are also tools available and plugins for firefox to remove most of this)
* 5000 max post replies to a thread/log count (vs LJ's current 10,000)

Insanejournal Paid account Options (CHECK, MONEY ORDER, CASH, PAYPAL)
They have all sorts of options!
* 250 icons (20$ Year | 1 month 5$ | 6 Months 10$)
* Extra Userpics Only (DOES NOT REQUIRE YEARLY PAID ACCOUNT!) (10$ 6 months | 16$ Year)
* 4$ Rename Tokens
* 40$ permanent accounts (300 icons) + 25$ permanent account icons which boosts it to 500.
* CSS Layouts once you go paid

3) Scribbld
Basic account:
* 50 icons
* Allows styles and CSS
* Can have up to 50 subscriptions
* Mail notifs
* Basic accounts don't go into username.scribbld.com but scribbld.com/username only
* Can bookmark/flag up to 20 messages
* 50 messages can be stored in their Inbox
* No Rich Text Option, HTML Code only
* No Expand option
* Basic layout option viewed in scribbld's layout
* 500 max friends (Not a problem with community games)
* The community does not seem to be updated much
* No rename accounts
* 5000 max post thread count (vs LJ's current 10,000)

Scribbld Paid account Options (PAYPAL ONLY)
* Price: 20$ For a year | 5$ per 1 month | 10$ for 3
* 225 icons (+15$ for 100 icons more + 200 icons more for 30$ so 445 icons for 50$ if you were so inclined)
* Can bookmark/flag up to 500 messages in their Inbox
* 1000 messages can be stored in their Inbox
* Unlimited friends

[Public post]
Happiest of Happy!, Weeeee!
Hey everyone!

It might be for my own birthday party, but I've prepared the best surprise for everyone else in the Stadium! You can all thank me when you get there, tee hee hee!

Please come in your swimsuit and bring plenty of lotion, you're going to need it!

And don't forget to bring me something in thanks if you haven't given me a present already! (she says that but you don't have to do it. It's just Lash being Lash) After all, only a wunderkind like me to could up with such a perfect plan as this!

Be there, or be dumb and square!

It's my birthday and I'll do what I want to do
Evil grin
Well since today is my birthday and I'm under school arrest for most of the summer meaning I can't go out anywhere...maybe I should plan something accordingly, tee hee hee!

It is the big 2 point 0, after all!

[Private to Jeff]
Drama Hands
ARE YOU DONE WITH YOUR HOMEWORK YET, this waiting is getting really boring.

I want to try the balls already! It's been a few days.

[The most Tsuntsun of mother's day]
[Flurrie might have noticed a delivery of flowers on her doorstep along with an encryption;


Hinawa....Lash wasn't sure if she should send anything but eventually she finally hovered over the appropriate bouquet and finally ordered it. And thus it was delivered to Flint and Hinawa's room.

There is no note, but Lash forgot to unclick the name option so the flowers have her nametag on it. Woops.
Somewhere out there in the world, there is a bouquet addressed to one Lugia and Ho-oh. Lash isn't sure if it will reach them, but it's the thought that counts, right?]

Clearly the most important after-giant chicken post ever.


And uh, is everyone okay, I guess. The dead chicken gel appears to heal the up anything that got turned to stone, my nose is fine now. BUT IT SMELLS SO BAD.

In which Lash looses a lot of chicks
Ahhh nooo!
[In regards to this post]

[Private to Claus]
I think the chickens turned into monsters! Then they all fled except one of them. He's in my hair right now, hissing at everything.

I called him Hissy.

...anyone seen fourteen baby chicks running around campus? They somehow broke free of the hex netting I had made for them in the abandoned warehouse nearby. I tagged them all with microchips to be able to follow them, but something is messing with my radar detector right now. Too much electrical interference... sometimes I see blips but they are moving around so fast!

They are white with spikes and ...hold on lemme take a picture of the last one left.

[[Aris did this picture it is awesome.]]

Not an Afro!

The end of the year is getting nearer and nearer! You know what that means, especially for all those students lucky enough to be in my class!


Tee hee hee! I can't wait to show all of you the final surprise I've got reserved, it's going to be a BLAST! Not to mention anyone on campus can come, you just don't get noted for it like all the others do!

Just a little friendly warning ahead of time, that's all! See you guys in a few weeks with more information!

And no one talk about what happened in the kissing boot or else I'll make your computer explode.

A return to normality
Pondering, Pouting
[A narration]Collapse )

[Public to all]
I don't remember anything. Someone fill me in from what I don't know?

However I...the other, dumber me talked to a lot of people and she was dumb, sorry!

I'm the real, full me and a thousand times better.

[Private to Hawke]
Do you remember anything?